World No Tobacco Day

The theme for World No Tobacco Day 2024 is protecting young people from tobacco industry interference.

To mark the day (Friday 31 May), we launched our campaign encouraging people throughout Scotland to contact General Election candidates ahead of 4 July 2024 to urge them to protect young people's health by pledging to take action to end the advertising and marketing of vapes targeted at children and support the UK’s commitment to an important health treaty, if they are elected as MPs.

Get involved in our campaign calling for children to be protected from tobacco industry interference

The UK is committed to the World Health Organization’s Framework Convention on Tobacco Control Article 5.3 which challenges the attempts of the tobacco industry and its associates to influence elected representatives about health policies.

Please help us to put an end to tactics deployed by Big Tobacco and associated organisations luring a new generation to become addicted to its health harming products.

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The theme is 'Protecting children from tobacco industry interference'

What can I do?

We're urging everyone in Scotland to encourage your local General Election candidates to support a pledge to uphold the UK’s commitment to FCTC Article 5.3 by not speaking with tobacco or vaping companies, or organisations closely linked with Big Tobacco about health issues, either before or after election.

We have prepared a template email which you can use, but please feel free to change it and add your own views and personal experiences as a young person, parent, youth group leader, teacher or as a concerned citizen.

Use the search tool, below, which will help you to find the election candidates standing in your area. Click on each candidate's name to see their contact details.

Join our campaign and let your voice be heard!

You can also show your support for our campaign by using some of our World No Tobacco Day assets on your social media.

We have campaign messages for both young people and others who want to highlight your involvement and support for this cause.

Remember to use WHO's hashtag #TobaccoExposed in your social posts!

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Young people's views of vape advertising in Scotland

Dr Marissa Smith from the University of Glasgow carried out a research project involving 11-16-year-olds in Scotland's central belt that explored their experiences and opinions on vapes advertising. We spoke to her about her work, what the young people shared and what needs to be done to protect them from becoming addicted to health harming products.

Watch the interview with Marissa and video co-produced with the young people, below, and let us know what you think!

WHO World No Tobacco Day resources

More resources for World No Tobacco Day can be found on the WHO website.

World No Tobacco Day awards 2024: champions of the tobacco-free future

WHO has announced the winners of its World No Tobacco Day awards for 2024.

The awards celebrate exceptional people and organisations from WHO's European region who are leading the fight against tobacco.

Professor Charlotta Pisinger is recognised for her work fighting the tobacco industry influence in Denmark and contributions to strengthening tobacco control measures.

Charlotta gave a keynote speech at our Learning Day, highlighting the harms posed to young people by using e-cigarettes and how the tobacco industry is targeting a new generation with its new addictive products. Watch the full video below.