Youth Conversations Hub

Our Youth Conversations Hub is now open to new youth organisations!

The Hub is a place to share learning and resources on smoking and vaping. We'll host in-person and online events throughout the year to enable people to connect and further their understanding of how these health harming products affect young people.

We also want to hear from young people themselves, and provide a space for them to share their experiences and be heard. We'll be asking you to engage with young people to gather their opinions, thoughts and views.

Sign up now or feel free to contact us for more information.

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Get to know the Youth Conversations Hub


We hope to have a positive effect on practitioners making healthy and informed choices by increasing their knowledge and confidence, and by providing accurate up to date information about smoking and related products. This enables them to be positive role models for young people they work with.

Insights provided by the youth organisations from the young people themselves will inform the Scottish Government, in the hope of influencing policies that could reduce the harm caused by tobacco and related products.


We aim to equip practitioners to become more confident in the topic of smoking, vaping and related products, especially in having conversations with young people they work with and also perhaps with parents/carers.

We hope that by working with youth organisations, young people will be aware of and able to exercise their rights in relation to the smoking industry, and see how the industry may be exploiting them. Our work aims to aid young people taking control of their life and claiming their rights. We hope that practitioners will feel empowered to make informed choices and pass this to the young people they work with. 


We want this project to give practitioners. and in turn young people, a sense of achievement and pride. Young people completing surveys may also have a sense of achievement that their views, ideas and opinions are being taken into account and could influence change.

By learning about the tobacco industry and through work with the Youth Conversations Hub, they can realise their ability to make positive changes in their community by reducing the harm caused by tobacco and related products.