Get support

Whether you are looking for training and information for young people or carers, or want access to stop smoking support, we have the information you need.

We provide resources for schools, parents and carers. We have information about free stop smoking services in Scotland. We have advice for those who want to support others who are quitting smoking. We listen to people who have successfully given up smoking, and share their stories as inspiration for those looking to quit.

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Get support with quitting smoking

Find out about the support that is available to help you quit.

Sharing your story with us can play a crucial role in helping someone to quit.

Working with young people

There are a number of ways that we can help reduce the harm that smoking causes to young people.

Parents and carers

As key influencers, parents and carers can play a pivotal role in helping their young people quit.

Get inspired

There's no right or wrong way to stop smoking. Get inspired by others who have made the change.