Working with young people

ASH Scotland works with groups and organisations engaging children, families and young people, from community youth groups and family support services, through to schools and fostering agencies. 

There are a number of ways that we can help reduce the harm that smoking causes to young people and to help those wishing to quit smoking. Keep reading below for the list of ways we can help young people and the communities they live in.

We have a focus on reducing inequality through encouraging, informing and enabling young people to live a life free from tobacco.

We are here to support you and your organisation. Please don't hesitate to get in touch via our Contact page.

Our support and resources


Scotland's Charter for a Tobacco-Free Generation is an initiative aimed at reducing the harms caused by smoking and delivering a tobacco-free generation by 2034.

More than 400 organisations have pledged action to help create a tobacco-free Scotland. Join them today!


We appreciate that information about vaping and e-cigarettes can change quickly.

We're here to share the most up-to-date insights with you, so you're always in the know. Whether it's the latest research or tips to help people to make informed choices, our work will keep you in the loop on this fast-evolving topic.

Eco Home

By working with family support organisations we encourage and enable families to reduce their children's exposure to second-hand smoke in the home.

Healthy checkup

We're working with youth services to explore how they can be supported to enhance young people’s health and wellbeing through addressing smoking and mental health.


  • Our Tobacco-free schools resources help schools to get top marks on tobacco.
  • Explore our resources supporting young people¬†to be smoke-free¬†and identify with being happier, fitter, better off.
  • Our guidance and resources for universities and colleges help them to create a¬†smoke-free campus¬†and supports wider goals such as improving attainment, student retention and improving outcomes.
  • We have a free virtual learning package to help those who¬†work with young carers and their families¬†to understand more about how young carers are affected by smoking.
  • We have¬†resources for parents and carers¬†to help discuss smoking with young people, plus advice on protecting your family from tobacco smoke at home and in the car.

For any queries about the content above or to enquire about ways that we can support your organisation, please email to discuss how we can help.

Get support with quitting smoking

Find out about the support that is available to help you quit.

Sharing your story with us can play a crucial role in helping someone to quit.

Parents and carers

As key influencers, parents and carers can play a pivotal role in helping their young people quit.

Get inspired

There's no right or wrong way to stop smoking. Get inspired by others who have made the change.