Todd's story

North Ayrshire Councillor Todd Ferguson

Todd Ferguson, who has successfully completed his own personal journey to live a tobacco-free life, is backing ASH Scotland’s campaigning urging people who smoke to make attempts to give up and win with their health and fitness, family and finances.

The North Ayrshire councillor is supporting our ‘Quit and win’ campaign, which is highlighting that giving up smoking increases opportunities to live a healthier life and an average smoker who gives up tobacco will save more than £3,000 within 12 months.

Todd said: “I had bronchial issues as a child which were exacerbated when, as a teenager, I started to smoke as I thought it would be cool to be like many of my friends. I smoked more than 20 cigarettes a day from very early on and it’d increase to upwards of 30 cigarettes when I went on nights out.

“I made several attempts using various methods over the years to give up smoking, but lasted only six months at most. In the end, I finally succeeded with the use of a nicotine patch for a few days and then sheer self-determination.

“I feel good since I stopped smoking. I am still prone to bronchial episodes but they are nowhere near as bad as when I was smoking and I’ve become more physically active.

“The amount of money you can save by giving up cigarettes is incredible. I was spending £60 to £70 at the point I quit. With the money I have saved from not smoking, I have been able to go on overseas holidays as well as buy treats for friends and family.

“I am pleased to be supporting ASH Scotland’s ‘Quit and win’ campaign and urge anyone who is thinking about giving up smoking to do it and don’t look back. If you want to truly stop, you can. I am living proof that it is possible! I only wish I had been able to do so years ago.”

Anyone in Scotland who has the goal of giving up smoking can visit Quit Your Way Scotland by clicking the button below, or call the free helpline on 0800 848484. Run by NHS 24, they provide tailored advice to help you stop in a way that suits you.

"The amount of money you can save by giving up cigarettes is incredible."

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We would love to hear your story! Sharing the experience of giving up smoking in Scotland, how you did it and what encouraged you is a great way to provide inspiration and motivation to people who are trying to quit.

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