NCD Alliance Scotland

As a steering group member of NCD Alliance Scotland, we’re campaigning with other public health organisations to address Scotland’s biggest killers through action on societal factors that cause ill-health.

Non-Communicable Diseases (NCDs) – such as cancer, heart disease, stroke, diabetes and lung disease – are responsible for almost 39,000 deaths every year (more than two-thirds of all deaths in Scotland).

What can NCD Alliance Scotland do for tobacco harms?

Studies suggests that 1 in 5 deaths of these deaths are preventable through public health action. Reducing the consumption of health harming products, like alcohol, tobacco and unhealthy food and drink, is one of the key ways to reduce the number of lives lost to, and affected by, NCDs.

What’s more, the consumption and availability of health harming products are often highest in our most deprived areas. We must ensure that the healthy choice is the easy choice for people in Scotland, regardless of their community.


You can find the NCD prevention report here (2021/22)

Our Communications Manager Alan with then Cabinet Secretary for Health & Social Care Humza Yousaf, Jennifer from Obesity Action Scotland and Rebecca from Alcohol Focus Scotland

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